Artistar Jewels 2016
News and anticipations of Artistar Jewels 2016 book

Milan, October 7th 2015

Artistar Jewels is now on its third edition and has been conceived in the same way that was so successful in previous year. This promotional initiative arises to guarantee talented jewelry artists and designers the visibility they deserve. Artistar Jewels is a global project of promotion for contemporary jewelry that uses three different areas of communication: the press, the organization of events and the web. After having been selected, the participants will have their creations published on the book Artistar Jewels 2016, exhibited in the show at HOMI Rho Fiera Milano and sold in the shop online:

The book will be published by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore and will be distributed in the main book shops in Italy and in the capital cities around Europe. It will be also sent to more than 5000 professionals in the jewelry sector as journalist, buyers, personal shopper, concept stores, luxury hotels, boutiques, costumer designers…The introduction to the book Artistar Jewels 2016 will be written by Gloria Tonini, editor of the magazine COLLEZIONI ACCESSORI published by Logos Publishing.

The selection for the creations included in the book took in consideration the quality of the manufacturing, but also the esthetic features and the conceptual value of the artworks that goes much beyond the jewels material values. The selected works can be attributed to different shades of the contemporary jewelry: design realizations, avant-garde handicraft, and wearable sculptures that can be more appropriately acknowledged as pieces of art. In order to give these artworks the value they deserve, refined pictures will be created by a staff of experts.

The jewels will be presented inside the book in different sections according to their typology (like necklace, rings, bracelet…) end their materials (precious, unusual or recycled materials for example). In so doing, the editorial office wanted to give the different artworks the right value, considering their belonging to different genres. In that way, all the people that will read the book, either experts in this sector or not, can comprehend and appreciate the peculiarities and differences of all the kinds of works.

Great emphasis will be given to the Artistar Jewels Contest winners that a qualified jury selected in 2015. In the new version of the book, they will show their new collections in the special contents area dedicated to them. Worth noting is that the introduction to this book section will be realized by Eugenia Gadaleta, fashion communication and writer for Vogue Gioiello and Klimt02 Contributor.

It’s the third time so, that Artistar has observed the contemporary jewelry landscape and has offered a selection of it that will be a pleasure both for the mind and the eyes. Not only precious materials but also, PVC, glass, copper, varnishes, usual and unusual shapes, never expected combinations: a collection aimed at communicating the contemporary jewelry world in its multiplicity and complexity.

Waiting for the January the 29th at Homi Rho Fiera Milano to see the presentation of the volume Artistar Jewels 2016 along with the exhibition of the published creations.

We are a collective of designers, architects, journalists and communication expert aiming to promote design and creativity. Through the web portal, we connect all the key players in the industry by offering multiple services. The portal collects numerous professional operating in the art and international contemporary jewelry sector in order to offer them a dynamic and rich network. Website subscribers have the opportunity to create a personal profile that can be managed independently, providing information related to their job: a virtual storefront to spread their creativity easily and in real time. Site visitors can have a look at the pieces, learn about the design philosophy of their creators and might contact the artists. Registered users can enjoy a wide range of services useful for promotion and work training. They are also offered contests, free workshops, events, business partnerships and much more.

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Anna Nava Liess

The past two years of Artistar Jewels meant the world to me. The 2018 edition was the primary reason that I made my brand official. I had been designing and creating for many years but mostly as a student. My confidence in my work wasn’t all that high but when you all took notice, it made me begin to take what I do seriously. It was a huge learning experience: I came home with a new mission to step up my game and I feel like I did just that. My confidence in my art continues to grow thanks to this amazing project.

Elena Franceschetti

Describing Artistar Jewels in three words? Audacious, professional and ambitious. Visibility is an important component, especially for those like me who come from "solo" projects. The opportunity to be part of this project and the possibility of being published in a contemporary jewelry book together with other talented artists from all over the world was really exciting and rewarding, especially after much work spent growing and establishing myself as an artist.

Nita Angeletti

The professionalism, genuine care, devotion and distinctive selection of the magnificent diversity of work distinguish Artistar Jewels. It is an honor and privilege to exhibit with them. All of the work in the 2019 edition was extremely fascinating. The quality and diversity of materials, styles and execution of the art was astounding. I look forward to Milano Jewelry Week. Milano is a global center for art and design and a perfect place for this event. The presence of artistar jewels will greatly enhance its stellar success.