Artistar Jewels 2017
Artistar Jewels 2017, call for artists

Milano, June 7th 2016

Artistar Jewels restarts and unveils the details of its fourth edition. It’s a very important appointment that from the 23rd to the 26th of February is showing the protagonists of the contemporary jewelry scene in the special location of Palazzo Giureconsulti at the hearth of Milan.

Artistar Jewels represents a benchmark in the contemporary jewelry scenario. The Project selects more than 200 creations, chosen according to their artistic value, the technical experimentation and the stylistic research. In so doing it serves as an international window for famous artists and as a springboard for the emerging ones.

It’s the unique contest in Italy, and one of the few in the world, providing for an original and transversal interpretation of the contemporary jewel development. Artistar Jewels gives the participants the special opportunity to directly sell their creations to the public through the online shop, additionally, the project gives the possibility to publish some of the artists works on an international volume. This initiative started in 2012, anticipating the future market trends and proving to be the first company in Italy to employ the web potentialities in order to improve the contemporary jewelry dissemination.

This year again, the selected designers will have their creations presented in the book Artistar Jewel 2017, published by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore. The volume will be available both on the national and international market: it will be sold in Italy and in the European main capitals and will also be delivered to more than 5000 professionals in the sector. The introductory texts of the book will be written by Eugenia Gadaleta, that, as well as being the Artistar Marketing & Communication Manager, will take care of the Artistar Jewels special contents with Selene Oliva – freelance fashion journalist for and Digital Specialist Fashion & Luxury.

Artistar Jewels’s fourth edition is characterized by several appealing news. Starting from the exclusive Giureconsulti Palace, accurately chosen to be the location of the exhibition that, for the first time, will take place during the February edition of the Fashion Week. It’s a very strategic moment, in fact, in this period great excitement is concentrated around Milan. During this week, the city is the focus of the international media attention, and it’s also visited by international buyers coming from worldwide.

The jury too is composed of new special members: Gianni De Liguoro co-owner and founder of the famous bijou brand De Liguoro. Bianca Cappello – jewel critic and historian – Guido Solari – Scuola orafa Ambrosiana founder and owner, based in Milan, Savona street, 20.

Three winners will have the chance to participate for free to Artistar Jewels 2018 and will also have a dedicated area in the 2018 book special contents. Additionally, for the first time, their creations will be among the thirty ones chosen by team to be the protagonists of a moving international exhibit. This multi-shows event will be organized in different prestigious art galleries.

Another important innovative element is represented by the opportunity for one of the participants to collaborate with the bijou brand De Liguoro. The artist will be personally chosen by Gianni De Liguoro and will have the chance to personalize a piece of the collection produced by the important Italian maison. This is an important initiative aimed at creating new synergies, it’s a perfect combination between tradition and innovation.

Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana di Milano also offers, as special prize to one selected designer (under 27), the free participation to the course of Professional Goldsmithing. Here students will learn the main laboratory techniques by realizing various jewelry objects.

Artistar Jewels 2017 is a very innovative project, aimed at showing the pluralism of the contemporary jewel during an historical period of huge cultural and artistic flourishing. Artistar Jewels enhances the contemporary culture of jewelry, and expresses in each edition, a remarkable heritage of beauty and knowledge.

Within the exhibition there will be a special area dedicated to the creations of the famous bijou maison De Liguoro.

Winners announcement ceremony will be in February 2017 during the February edition of the Milan fashion week in Palazzo Giureconsulti.

In order to participate to Artistar Jewels 2017, please present your submission to within the 21st of October. You can consult the competition announcement on

Artistar Jewels is the annual event promoting the contemporary jewel. It serves as an international showcase for famous artists and as a springboard for the emerging designers. Artistar Jewels was founded in 2012 in Milan by the designer Enzo Carbone. By the years the event developed and now it has more than 100 designers participating to each edition. Artistar group, made of artists, architects, journalists and communication professionals, aims at being a benchmark in the contemporary jewelry scenario by promoting designers and artists both in Italy and in the rest of the world through several initiatives. The shop on line is a virtual window by which easily and simultaneously communicate your creativity and sell your creations. Who visits the website can admire the exhibited jewels, learn the project philosophy behind them and get in touch with the artists. This reality also periodically spreads news about contests, free workshops, events and commercial partnerships. All the participants to the contest are included in the famous volume published by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore; a book distributed both in Italy and in the European capitals.

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Anna Nava Liess

The past two years of Artistar Jewels meant the world to me. The 2018 edition was the primary reason that I made my brand official. I had been designing and creating for many years but mostly as a student. My confidence in my work wasn’t all that high but when you all took notice, it made me begin to take what I do seriously. It was a huge learning experience: I came home with a new mission to step up my game and I feel like I did just that. My confidence in my art continues to grow thanks to this amazing project.

Elena Franceschetti

Describing Artistar Jewels in three words? Audacious, professional and ambitious. Visibility is an important component, especially for those like me who come from "solo" projects. The opportunity to be part of this project and the possibility of being published in a contemporary jewelry book together with other talented artists from all over the world was really exciting and rewarding, especially after much work spent growing and establishing myself as an artist.

Nita Angeletti

The professionalism, genuine care, devotion and distinctive selection of the magnificent diversity of work distinguish Artistar Jewels. It is an honor and privilege to exhibit with them. All of the work in the 2019 edition was extremely fascinating. The quality and diversity of materials, styles and execution of the art was astounding. I look forward to Milano Jewelry Week. Milano is a global center for art and design and a perfect place for this event. The presence of artistar jewels will greatly enhance its stellar success.