Artistar Jewels 2015
Artistar Jewels Exhibition, 100 jewellery designers from all over the world

Milan, December 15th 2014

Artistar Jewels Exhibition will come back with a selected contemporary jewelly collection which is gonna take place in Milan at Spazio Maimeri from December 17th to 21st December 2014. The news of this edition is that more the 100 designers will partecipate from the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Nertherlands, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Columbia, Perù, Holland, Greece, Romania, Cost Rica, France, China, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Spain, New Zeland, Bulgaria, Swizerland and Taiwan.

Most of the shown creations will be female fashion accessories, such as neclaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings and brooches; but there will be some male fashion accessories as well. The jewels, accurately designed and made of precious materials, plastics, metals, fabrics, paper and gemstones, will be exhibit at Spazio Maimeri with a particular attention in a setting up made thanks to a collaboration with RI.CRE.AR – a company specialized in fornitures production and setting-ups made by recyclabel materials and wooden-packagings.

The choosen artists will be the main characters of Artistar Contest 2015 as well – the winners will be annouced on Friday 19th December 2014, from 7p.m. – and they are: Agnese Druda - Dadà, Ai Kawakubo, Andrea Barrera, Andrea Giunti, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Andris Lauders, Anna Raele, Anna Retico, Antonello Scotto, Aria Campbell-Kelly, Åsa Halldin, Barababac Jewels Design - Ludovica Andrina, Barbara Cieslicki, Barbara Müller Das Neves, Barbara Pole, Begoña Rentero Vargas, Bethamy Linton, Carmen Zambrano – Lusasul, Caroline Krull, Caterina Campisi, Catrie, Consuelo Keller, Cristiana Turano Campello, Cristina Saglietti, Cristina Serafini Sauli - Matuta Gioielli, Danae Roma, Dario Scapitta, Dipl. Des. Tanja Emmert, Dorothy Erickson, Dunja Naerlović, Elena Gastaldon, Elifontana, Elisa Cosaro, Ellapolo, Emma J Roberts - Ejr Jewellery, Esther Kate, Fabiola Pontecorvo, Fabrizio Russo - Biodesigner, Fiorella Pattoni, Floriana Creazioni Di Floriana Martina, Florina Moisi - Sc Taller Creativo Srl, Froukje Idsardi, Fulvia Notari - Antares Venezia, Gabriela Rigamonti - Etern.It Srl, Gerardo Sacco, Germano Gioielli, Gian Luca Bartellone - Bodyfornitures, Gillian E. Batcher - Pash Jewellery Design, Giulia Taragnoli, Greta Bellini, Hannah Jago, Hiromi Suter Design, Hj Designs - Hazel j Studstill, Ilse Hummeling, Inge Rens Jewellery Design, Isabella Nurigiani, Jantine Kroeze, Jennifer Laracy, Jf Project By Jessica Grespi, Johnny Ninos, Julia Toledo, Kasapis Michail - Kiss The Frog Studio, Kata Lenzsér – Mezei, Katell Leclaire, Kiorò Design, Laura Forte, Laura Muraglia, Levan Lominashvili - Xyz Integrated Architecture, Lionel Theodore Dean, Lupingioielli Srl, Mafjewels, Maria Serena Pieri, Mariaclaudia, Marijke De Goey, Mariolina Gasparini, Maya Sabbatini, Me Is Me By Cristina Innocenti, Monica De Mattei, Myrthe Cools, Nancy Linkin, Nathalie Sevikian, Nicoletta Bertoni, Nicoletta Cei, Nina Helms, Orsola Mainardis, Pamela Bosco - Bosco Jewelry, Patrizia Falcone, Peggyarte Papier Machè, Potnia, Rasa Vilcinskaite – Rasaviljewelry, Ricardo Coacci, Richysteel Di Riccardo Colombo, Roberta Pavone, Rolisa Sweeqers - Do Collection, Rosantica, Sacrum Jewellery, Sarah Hudson, Se.Ma.Vì Design Di Serena Maria Savi, Sharlaine Anapu, Simeon Shomov, Sob - Spazio Fare, Tania Palazzi, Tataborello, Tiziana Redavid, Tomoyo Hiraiwa, Vacide Erda Zimic, Valentina Telma Passaquindici - Passaq, Valerie Ostenak, Viktorya Ignatova, Wu - Ching Chih, Yutong Wu, Yvonne Fischer - Lueg.

All the creations will be published in a book-catalogue “Artistar Jewels 2015” which is going to be sold in all the book-shops from February 2015.

The contemporary Jewel talks through Artistar Jewels Exhibition
December 17th-21nd from 10am to 7pm – Vernissage and Awarding Ceremony December 19th
Location: Spazio Maimeri, Corso Cristoforo Colombo 15, Milano.

Spreads the ideological and material value of 'handmade', making easier the contact between the 'workshop' and the public. The project is divided up into a series of initiatives, to give value and spread the 'practical ability' through the selection of unique pieces. Artistar's goal is to promote precious 'handmade' objects with huge passion and quality. publishes every year the homonym book/catalogue, which contains the best going away masterpieces, divided according to typology and authors. During the year Artistar organizes exhibitions, presentations of events with the aim of showing up the authors and creations through a global strategy, in order to attract the interest of an increasing public. is the first italian e-commerce webpage entirely dedicated to the contemporary jewel and regroups a selection of artists and designers of the online community

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Anna Nava Liess

The past two years of Artistar Jewels meant the world to me. The 2018 edition was the primary reason that I made my brand official. I had been designing and creating for many years but mostly as a student. My confidence in my work wasn’t all that high but when you all took notice, it made me begin to take what I do seriously. It was a huge learning experience: I came home with a new mission to step up my game and I feel like I did just that. My confidence in my art continues to grow thanks to this amazing project.

Elena Franceschetti

Describing Artistar Jewels in three words? Audacious, professional and ambitious. Visibility is an important component, especially for those like me who come from "solo" projects. The opportunity to be part of this project and the possibility of being published in a contemporary jewelry book together with other talented artists from all over the world was really exciting and rewarding, especially after much work spent growing and establishing myself as an artist.

Nita Angeletti

The professionalism, genuine care, devotion and distinctive selection of the magnificent diversity of work distinguish Artistar Jewels. It is an honor and privilege to exhibit with them. All of the work in the 2019 edition was extremely fascinating. The quality and diversity of materials, styles and execution of the art was astounding. I look forward to Milano Jewelry Week. Milano is a global center for art and design and a perfect place for this event. The presence of artistar jewels will greatly enhance its stellar success.