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  1. NOOR

    by Sanaz Babakhani For FRATELLI PICCINI

    22,100.00 Euro

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    Per la spedizione di questo prodotto sono necessari 15/21 giorni.

    Materials:  18kt Rose Gold, Aluminum

    Description: All the stars glow in the same way and light up the world, regardless of borders, skin color, or religion...The idea of the stars design comes from the ancient patterns found in western and eastern art and cultures. She used two colours to emphasize that difference isn't important. As suggested by Saadi, an Iranian poet of the 13th century: "Human beings are members of a whole, involved in the creation of one essence and soul". Just like stars, you can give your glory and kindness to the world regardless of whom or what you are shining on.

    Caratteristiche identificative:

    Note sul prodotto:

    1. Countries of the world in which that particular jewel is not sent.

    2. Import taxes: they are always paid by the buyer if the buyer resides outside the EU. They are instead included if the buyer resides in the EU.

    3. Specify whether the price indicated is with VAT (ie the price that the buyer pays if he resides in the EU) or without VAT (or the price that the buyer pays if he resides in the USA or in any case outside the EU as the taxes - import duties plus VAT if applicable in your country of residence - pay them in your country).

    4.Time and return procedures provided for by the Law from the moment the buyer receives the shipment.

    5. Shipping secured and traceable via internet application

    6. Other specific information that may be useful to the buyer, such as the possibility to personalize a jewel with his initials or a sentence. The best thing in this case is to look at what the main competitors are entering in this section.

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