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  1. Brushstroke Earrings

    by Evgeniia Balashova

    206.00 Euro

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    Materials: 3d printed nylon, spray paint, sterling silver

    Descriptions: This piece pushes the boundaries of 3d printed jewellery. The earrings are extremely light and easy to wear. They are designed to interact with the wearer, as individual strands of nylon ripple subtly as you move. The smooth gradient of colour is achieved through carefully spray paining each earring by hand.

    Caratteristiche identificative:

    Note sul prodotto:

    Most of Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery products are 3d printed in nylon and coloured (spray painted) individually. There may be slight differences in colour due to this nature, the buyer accepts this when the order is placed. It will not be a considered fault and therefore no credit will be issued.
    3d printed nylon is a strong and flexible, non-brittle material. It is strong enough to withstand regular handling , however, like any item of jewellery, should be handled with care. 3d printed jewellery should not be left under high levels of pressure for any prolonged period of time as it will cause in shape of the item being distorted. In the unfortunate event of this occurring Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery does not hold any responsibility for replacing the damaged item. The buyer will be responsible for any accidental damage or damage caused by neglect or inappropriate care.
    All precious metal goods and components are made in the UK and hallmarked in accordance with 1973 Hallmarking Act.
    All items sized are made in accordance with standard British jewellery industry measurements. Where items are unique or more organically shaped small variations may occur.

    Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery accepts a 2 week return and exchange policy, unless the items are faulty. Any pieces that have been accidentally damaged will not be refunded. Please note that any postal charges for sending an item for repair to Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery will be a responsibility of the buyer. The charges for repair will be at discretion of Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery.

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