Conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use of Artistar Jewels marketplace
Prodes is the owner of the website with its headquarter in via Selvanesco, 75 Milan, entered in the Milan register of companies Rea MI n. 1940221 , VAT number 06891160720 and has published this website accessible and to be consulted by any user who wants to find information and / or purchase the products presented in the specific pages.
Artistar Jewels has a commercial mediation function between buyers and artists who wish to enter their creations to be sold directly through this website.
The underlying conditions of use are accepted by all the users of the website as buyers, sellers or purely visitors of the web pages.
Important Notes
Artistar Jewels advises users that all the pieces included in the website are created by highly qualified artists / craftsmen. All the objects are published for sale and delivery time varies depending on their availability. On the page of product specifications you can find delivery time in addition to the estimated time of delivery by courier and possible timing of piece production. For some art creations in fact, there is a limited production and in some cases only a single piece. Each single piece has high artistic value as, in most cases, it is entirely handmade. Therefore buying a jewel on Artistar Jewels means giving a value to the craftsmanship of this sector. All prices shown includes VAT in force at the time of purchase and do not include shipping costs which are different for each piece and place of destination; these expenses are reported on the page of product specifications. For purchases with shipping to countries outside the European Community, VAT will be deducted from the prices shown and custom duties will be paid by the buyer. For each product there is an area where the Buyer can find any additional specification related to the product itself; for example: any countries where the product is not shipped, any customs duties, any possibility to receive the product with different shipping, any extended warranty and different right of withdrawal, etc. For these reasons Artistar Jewels always recommend to visit the dedicated area clicking on "Important Notes" within the detailed page of each item on sale.
For a good purchase experience, we recommend to contact us directly for any doubt or information via email: or by phone +39 02 36580208.
Should the following terms used in the singular or plural appear in these Terms of Use, please refer to the following meanings:
- “"Buyer" means any individual user of the site, ordering products from sellers on the platform;
- “"Platform" refers to the electronic platform for contacts between sellers and buyers created by Prodes and accessible through the website;
- “"Products" refer to all Products offered for sale by the sellers on the Platform;
- “"Seller": refers to the legal entity offering to sell his/her Products on the Platform.
Article 1 - Sales contract conclusion between the Seller and Buyer
1.1 As part of the platform, Artistar Jewels provides the Buyer with a service to put him into contact with the vendors selling their products.
Sellers are responsible by themselves, under their sole responsibility, for the products offered for sale on the Platform and the conditions of sale without any intervention by Artistar Jewels 
The Buyer making his purchase, processes the order directly to the product sellers . These orders and the operating methods are regulated by the General Conditions of Sale set by the sellers.
Artistar Jewels does not sell products. Artistar Jewels is not absolutely involved in the contract of sale which is agreed directly and exclusively between the Seller and the Buyer and is not responsible for the execution of that contract. Consequently, the Sales Terms of Artistar Jewels are not applied to orders of products processed by sellers on the Platform. 
1.2 Please note that the order of products at the sellers on the Platform takes place in three stages:
- Once the Buyer has received the confirmation of his/her order, he/she shall pay the total amount of the Products.
-After the collection of the amount of the Products, the Buyer will receive an order and payment confirmation. Artistar Jewels will provide the Seller with all the required details to deliver the products purchased by the Buyer.
- The Seller shall deliver the products, ordered and paid within the specified time. under his/her sole responsibility.
In order to execute an order on the website, Customers have two different possibilities:
- Via the Internet on the website: www. - 24/7
- By phone at + 39 02.365.80.208 - Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
The prices listed on the website are in Euro (€) and include VAT but do not include delivery costs. Delivery costs are always paid by the customer and are billed at the end of the order in addition to the products and are agreed according to the delivery geographic area.
1.3 In accordance with our commitment to the security of payments, all payments made by the Buyer on the online platform, by bank credit card or other credit cards are made through the SSL security system (Secure Socket Layer) which allows the encryption of bank datails given by the Buyer.
This policy is intended to combat fraud related to payment methods on the internet and thus protect all the users of the Site. Artistar Jewels intends to let the Buyer benefit from this protection when he/ she pays the products to the sellers on the Platform.
Consequently, in some cases, a service of fraud prevention may ask the Purchaser to complete some information (for example: ID copy, address, etc.) to validate his/her order and ship ordered products. To comply with the times of order processing of products agreed with the Seller, we recommend the Buyer to indicate a telephone number which makes him/her easily accessible, and confirm the entered information or submit promptly any additional documents that may be requested.
Availability of Products
However, if in the period of time passed between the validation of the payment made by the Buyer and sending to the Seller of the order summary made on the platform , the ordered product is unavailable at the Seller, the Buyer will be immediately informed and full reimbursed.
Article 3 - Returns, refund, cancellation, guarantees
Any return, refund, cancellation or application of a warranty should be made directly by the Buyer and the Seller. Each Seller will guarantee the right of withdrawal and warranty terms according to the rules in force at the time of purchase. The Seller will inform about any extension of warranty or extended right of withdrawal after the set deadline by the rules in force at the time of purchase. The minimum timing established by law in countries of purchase have to be considered as a right of withdrawal and guarantee of items offered for sale on the e-commerce. For the right of withdrawal it is necessary to return intact products with original tags. The product packaging must be accurate in order to protect the original wrapping from any damage, writing or labeling. On each page of product description are listed all the specific conditions for that product. The Buyer shall ask Artistar Jewels all Seller’s details in order to request the right of withdrawal.
Article 4 - Liability
4.1 Liability of the Seller
The Seller is responsible for the information regarding his/ her product offers coming online through the Platform, the sale contract with the Buyer and the compliance of his/her activities with local regulations. Only the Seller can ensure the Buyer about :
- Conformity of the Products with the rules in force in the countries of delivery (rules, authorization, etc.).
- Compliance to the pre-contractual information provided to the Buyer on the Platform;
- Availability of the products offered for sale on the Platform (ie holding them in stock to be shipped in the event of an order by the Buyer);
- Conformity of the offer of products for sale presented on the Platform and its implementing rules (price, conditions of sale, delivery, right of withdrawal, etc.).
- Conformity of the after-sales service (legal and contractual warranty);
- He is authorized to sell the Products, that they can be sold and are not burdened with rights of third parties;
- He/she is the owner of all the intellectual property rights on the items stored on the platform and that has all the necessary approvals for their dissemination.
4.2 Liability of Artistar Jewels
Artistar Jewels is committed to the Buyer to ensure the performance of these Terms of use, namely the technical mediation between the Seller and the Buyer.
As host of the information placed online by the sellers on the Platform, Artistar Jewels cannot be responsible for their eventual unlawful conduct unless it has been previously informed.
Article 5 - Evaluation of the Seller by the Buyers
The Buyer is informed that Artistar Jewels has established an evaluation system that allows it to assess the vendors in order to increase the confidence of all buyers in the purchase of products on the Platform.
As a result, any buyer who has bought a product from a Seller has the right to publish a comment about the performance of that Seller on the Platform and to assess its performance based on three criteria - overall satisfaction (positive, neutral, negative), delivery times and amount of shipping costs.
The Buyer is committed to review and evaluate the performance of the sellers with objectivity and is aware of exposing himself to criminal charges, particularly in case of defamatory and/or untruthful comments regarding a Seller.
Article 6 - Conflicts between the Seller and the Buyer
In case of a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer, the Buyer must refer directly to the Seller to try to solve that dispute.
Article 7 - Personal data
7.1 Buyer’s Personal data
7.1.1 Buyer’s information and personal data on the Platform are necessary to use the platform.
In this context, the Buyer agrees to provide truthful information to Artistar Jewels. Therefore he/she authorizes Artistar Jewels to collect, process and use the information concerning him/her.
In accordance with Directive 95/46/EC, the processing of personal data collected by Artistar Jewels from the Buyer is subject to a declaration made to the Computer Science and Freedoms National Commission (CNIL).
The Buyer has a right to access, correct and delete personal data concerning himself/herself. To exercise this right simply contact and write at any time to: Artistar Jewels, via Laura Ciceri Visconti, 2 20137, Milano.
7.1.2 If the Buyer accepts, Artistar Jewels and its partners can send information on precise and punctual promotional operations by electronic mail. These partners are specially selected from Artistar Jewels depending on the quality of their Products and services. The Buyer can choose not to receive these messages. To do this just click here or at a specific link in the footer of each electronic letter at any time.
7.1.3 Artistar Jewels also informs the Purchaser that cookies record some information stored in the memory of its hard drive. Artistar Jewels uses this information to generate audience statistics of the Platform and propose to the Purchaser some items according to items that he/she has already selected in the course of his/her use of the Platform. An alert message asks if he/she wants to accept the cookies.
These cookies do not contain confidential information concerning himself/herself.
7.2 Communication to the sellers about Buyer’s personal data
Artistar Jewels collects personal data from the Buyer during his/her use of the Platform. The Buyer agrees that Artistar Jewels forwards some personal data to the Seller for the sole purpose of allowing him7her to process sales contracts concluded with the Buyer on the Platform and deliver the ordered Products.
Article 8 - Amendment of conditions of use
Artistar Jewels reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.
Article 9 - Applicable law and jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are subject to the Italian law without affecting the application of mandatory provisions of the law in place of residence of the Purchaser. The jurisdiction is exclusively the Court of Milan.
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