Artistar Jewels is a project by Prodes Italia group, that has been working for years in the high jewellery, design and contemporary art fields.
Artistar Jewels is the international reference point for all contemporary jewelry artists and designers. The project, one of a kind, offers each participant great business opportunities by placing the artists within the reference market.
Both emerging and more established artists will be able to count on improving their brand reputation. The great participation of international media, guarantees high visibility in the sector. These conditions set the right foundation for an expansion of the artist sales network and in addition, every single jewel selected will be available to the public for purchase.
Artistar Jewels is not comparable to a trade fair, an editorial publication or an e-commerce. Artistar Jewels is a global and transversal project that uses several complementary strategies, useful for an optimal disclosure of the creativity of each artist.


- Exhibition event during the Milano Jewelry Week from 24 to 27 October 2019 at an exclusive location In Milan
- Publication of the selected jewels in the Artistar Jewels 2019 Fall Edition volume
- International distribution of the volume (European bookshops)
- Free delivery of 1000 volumes to buyers, galleries and international journalists (Extract from the complete list)
- Digitization of the book
- Free electronic e-book sending to over 4000 buyers, galleries and international journalists
- Free delivery of the book to all the participants
- Exclusive discount for participants on the purchase of additional copies
- Sale of the jewels on the online shop
- Participation in the Awards and Book Presentation Night
- Participation in the Artists and Journalists Night
- Inclusion of selected jewels in the worldwide network of sales points (galleries and concept stores) (selection by sales points)
- Photo shoot of the jewels and sending of the professional photos to the participants
- Press Office for the promotion of the initiative for one year
- Press office support for each participant
- Editorial / social plan and communication strategies for the whole initiative
- Web and social dissemination of the contents of each artist
- Selection of artists who will win various prizes and awards; the selection will be curated by a Jury made up of distinguished personalities of the sector



editions already realized and the seventh in progress


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selling shops in Italy and Europe
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Palazzo Bovara - Milano

19th - 24th February 2019

- Elisabetta Barracchia - Director of Vogue Vanity Fair Accessory
- Maristella Campi - Fashion and costume journalist
- Gianni De Liguoro - Founding partner and stylist of the famous brand De Liguoro
- Irina Slesareva - Director of Jewelery Review Magazine and Creative Director of the Russian Line Jewelery Contest
- Luca Solari - Founder and Owner of the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana; Director of the Via Tadino 30 school
- Guido Solari - Director of the Via Tortona 26 school, Director of the SOA Lab & Factory of Via Savona 20
- Ivan Perini - Fine Jewelry & Consultancy
- Liza Urla - Top jewelery blogger and founder of GEMOLOGUE

- 3 winners will win the free participation in Artistar Jewels 2020
- Vogue Vanity Fair Accessory: article in the printed issue
- Conde Nast Wedding: article in the printed issue
- Maristella Campi Award: press Kit for one of the artist
- Gianni De Liguoro Award: 1 week internship for a young Italian talent
- Irina Slesareva Award: Interview on the paper magazine Jewelery Review
- Guido Solari Prize: course in the Ambrosian Goldsmith School of Milan
- Ivan Perini Award: Post on the social channels and on for 7 days with photographic material
- Liza Urla Award: shooting and social campaign
- Assamblage: One artists will be selected for a touring exhibition with the organization
- Cesarini Sforza Award: Jéroboam with Artistar Jewels customised label

- Christophe Burger - Ute Decker - Turi Simeti

- Creativity Oggetti - Torino (Italy)
- 158 Studio - Sorrento (Italy)
- Galeria Galataca - Bucarest (Romania)
- Galerie Beyond - Antwerpen (Belgium)
- Galeria Yes - Poznan (Poland)
- Eleni Marneri Galerie - Atene (Greece)
- Galerie Elsa Vanier - Parigi (France)
- Upper Concept Store - Parigi (France)
- CBijoux - Monthey (Switzerland)
- Galeria Tereza Seabra - Lisbona (Portugal)
- A39 Concept Store - Lisbona (Portugal)
- Bini Gallery - Melbourne (Australia)
- Alice Floriano - Porto Alegre (Brasil)
- Ame Gallery - Hong Kong

Rosamaria Venetucci Formedarte - Stanislav Drokin - Tiziano Andorno - Katy Tromans

Assamblage, Gemologue, Jewellery Review, Revista Atelierul, Where Milan, Vogue Vanity Fair Accessory

Cesarini Sforza
Palazzo Dei Giureconsulti - Milan

22 - 25 February 2018

- Elisabetta Barracchia - Editor in chief of Condé Nast Mag Accessory
- Astrid Berens - Director of SIERAAD ART FAIR of Amsterdam
- Maristella Campi - Fashion journalist
- Gianni De Liguoro - Founder and stylist of the famous De Liguoro brand
- Dan Piersinaru - Founder and director of AUTOR
- Irina Slesareva - Director of Jewellery Review Magazine and creative director Russian Line Jewellery Contest
- Guido Solari - Founder and owner of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milano via Savona 20

- Free participation to Artistar Jewels 2019 for the 3 winners of the Artistar Jewels Contest 2018
- Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana Award: free participation for a young designer in the Professional Goldsmithing Course by Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan
- Sieerad Art Fair Award: free participation in Sieerad Fair of Amsterdam
- Autor Award free participation in the Autor Fair in Bucarest
- Conde Nast Mag Accessory Award: article in the September issue of Condè Nast Mag Accessory
- Participation for 32 selected artists in a travelling exhibition in the ICKX Contemporary Jewelry Gallery of Bruxelles and in the Eleni Marneri Galerie of Athens

- Pol Bury - Yoko Ono - Faust Cardinali

Assemblage, Autor, Condenast Mag Accessory, European Life Magazine, Jewellery Historian, Jewellery Review, Noovo, Ob-Fashion, Revista Atelierul, Where Milan

Cesarini Sforza
Palazzo Dei Giureconsulti - Milan

23 - 26 February 2017

- Elisabetta Barracchia - Editor in chief of Condé Nast Mag Accessory
- Maristella Campi - Fashion journalist
- Gianni De Liguoro - Founder and stylist of the famous De Liguoro brand
- Guido Solari - Founder and owner of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milano via Savona 20
- Liza Urla - Top jewelry blogger and founder of GEMOLOGUE

- Free participation to Artistar Jewels 2018 for the 3 winners of the Artistar Jewels Contest 2017
- Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana Award: free participation for a young designer in the Professional Goldsmithing Course by Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan
- Participation for 30 selected artists in a travelling exhibition in Spazio Espositivo Adiacenze of Amerigo Mariotti and Daniela Tozzi in Bologna, in the concept store Creativity Oggetti of Susanna Maffini in Turin and in the Concept Store Tiberius in Vienna

- Gillo Dorfles per San Lorenzo - GianCarlo Montebello - Philip Sajet

Autor, Gemologue by Liza Urla, Vogue Accessory, Revista Atelierul, Where Milan
HOMI Fiera - Milan

29 January - 1 February 2016

Online voting on the website

- Free participation to Artistar Jewels 2017 for the 3 winners of the Artistar Jewels Contest 2016

Domi Magazine, Homi, Palakiss
Fondazione Maimeri - Milan

17 - 21 December 2014

- Enzo Carbone - Founder of Artistar Jewels
- Gigi Mariani - Goldsmither from Modena and member of AGC
- Carla Riccoboni - Jewelry designer
- Barbara Uderzo - Artist - designer

- Free participation to Artistar Jewels 2015 for the 3 winners of the Artistar Jewels Contest 2014

- Gigi Mariani - Carla Riccoboni - Barbara Uderzo

MEDIA PARTNER, Gioiellis, Jewellery Monthly, Making Jewellery
Spazio Maimeri - Milan

18 - 23 September 2013

Preziosa Magazine


Genos Gioielli

Different interpretations, different conceptions of the jewel, therefore in the whole interesting because the works have not been chosen according to trends, tendencies, modalities etc. A project that includes works that are difficult to classify, very different from each other and this is what has convinced me the most. More than a jewel in particular I was surprised by the numerous processing methods. Artistar Jewels is a window open to other worlds in which those who conceive jewels will be able to look out.

Tiziano Andorno

The pieces were worthy of interest for the fusion of styles and materials. Each one in its uniqueness attracted attention for the particularity, inspiration, conceptuality, innovation and for this they were selected for Artistar Jewels. An event that grows year by year and offers great visibility. Participating is always a challenge with ourselves but also an opportunity to get in touch with other artists, the possibility of new collaborations and participation in exhibitions in galleries and international events. This is the aim of Artistar Jewels, a project to promote author jewels.

Laura Visentin

I took part a few years ago in Artistar Jewels but, I must say, the 2018 edition was really interesting and full of innovative proposals with the aim of giving space to a new and original concept of contemporary jewelry. The personal interpretation, the great creative capacity and the vision of each artist always amaze and fascinate me. What pushed me to participate in the 2018 edition was the enhancement that has been given to contemporary jewelery since the premises. I was very interested in the opportunity to participate in a contest that, to those who have been selected, will offer the opportunity to present their work in prestigious areas.

Anne Menzel

If I had to choose three words to describe the project Artistar Jewels project I would surely use innovative, exciting and Italian! The jewels on show were very fascinating. They were not only made of metal, gold and silver but they put anso a lot of stuff made of exciting materials. The atmosphere during the two night was familiar and casual. I had the chance to make some very interesting talks and contacts. I would recommend for sure to take part in the project. Even if you don't win is a great expetrience. They convinced me simply with the words "Milano Fashion Week".


The jewels in the show were very different from each other, unique. Some of them were unwearable. The exhibition alltogether was fascinating and it challenged the viewer’s expectations. I was fascinated by many artists and techniques, in particular I loved Shahpari Sohaei’s work. During the two nights the atmospheere was welcoming, inclusive, inspiring and supportive. The location gave the maximum exposure. Meeting other designers was awesome but also the Artistar staff were fabulous. I would for sure reccomend it. I learn to be more visible, to make big and bold pieces even if they are unsaleable on a daily basis.

Jasmine Lam

To describe the project I would opt for creative, contemporary and international! The jewelry were creative and it was great seeing different artists using several materials. It is important to see how jewelries can be sustainable with recycled and non precious material. My favorite piece was "Alice" by Katy Tromans. The two night organized were glamourous and interactive. I met many artists coming from all over the world. There are not many events promoting international contemporary jewelry artists. It was an honor to be accepted and got a chance to show case my pieces. I definetly recommend it.



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